Company Background

Our Philosophy

We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Central to our product design philosophy is identifying the core player experience and make that experience fun and compelling and then build the rest of the game up around that experience. As a company, we are interested in building products that are accessible to a broad, casual audience as these are the types of products we ourselves enjoy and because these are the products that tend to achieve the greatest success in the marketplace.

About Our Founder

Richard Thames Rowan is a thirteen-year game industry veteran, having worked on over 35 titles. Richard graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Gaming Systems and Applications and entered the game industry full-time in 1995, working in Research & Development at Wizards of the Coast. He joined Microsoft Games Studios in 1997. At Microsoft, he worked on a wide variety of games, including the massively-multiplayer online games Asheron’s Call and Allegiance, as well as the Xbox games Jade Empire, Psychonauts, Shenmue II, and many others. He also drove the development of many casual and branded IP-based games, such as Wheel of Fortune, Settlers of Catan, and UNO, the number one Xbox Live Arcade hit. He has extensive experience in first-party, second-party, and third-party development.

In 2007, Richard left Microsoft to develop original video game IP and founded Hourglass Games.